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Playground Flooring are expert installers of rubber playground mulch in Addington MK18 2 Our experts are able to create a safe outdoor facility for children to enjoy as well as offering advice about this product and the costs of installing.

This specification is made up of shredded rubber and binder which gives a natural-looking appearance. It could be installed in green, red or a combination of both in order to blend in with more rustic environments. Many people choose to have this applied onto grassy or muddy areas with trim trails and other equipment.

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Bonded Play Bark

Rubber bark playground mulch safety flooring in Addington is constructed from reused truck tyres. The material is crumbled to create smaller sized fragments that have a comparable appearance to wood chippings. They are then blended with a special binder and installed on the selected floor in the required specification. The shredded surfacing is a well-liked choice for children's play areas, together with many other outdoor places.

We are able to apply rubber playground mulch in a number of different depths, depending on what is required. The depth of the surface is dependent upon the CFH of your playground equipment. This can be done through British testing requirements to ensure the highest level of protection for youngsters. Equipment like jungle gyms and trim trails usually have rubber mulch or an alternative safety surface installed around them. The flooring supplies a purely natural look to complement a current rustic area but also delivers the critical health and safety components.

Rubber Mulch Installation in Addington

This sort of rubber bark surfacing can certainly be laid onto a lot of current materials, including tarmac and grass. It is well suited for facilities which may have muddy sections that come to be hazardous in wet weather conditions. Since the glued mulch material is flexible, it is very easy to fit into shapes and contour around play area equipment. With no groundworks required, the prices for this flooring are budget-friendly and cheap. Our company can provide a quote which is affordable and contains everything you should need. Our experienced installers can talk you through the whole process and make it as simple as possible.


You can choose from many different colour selections when installing the rubber bark flooring. Probably the most frequently preferred designs are green and brown because they are usually more in-keeping with forest locations. A combination of coloured rubber mulch could be laid to provide a flecked look. The design and style is perfectly customisable to suit your price range and the appearance you'd like. If you have timber equipment in the playground, these colours match well to provide a rustic finish.

Play Equipment Safety Surface near me

For those who have pre-existing equipment and furniture in the outdoor area, our flooring may be tailored to fit around these features. Examples include jungle gyms, swings, roundabouts, seating and tables. The shredded rubber mulch features permeable properties which is an additional wonderful characteristic. It allows rainwater to pass through the ground, stopping flooding and waterlogging on the playground. The facility demands little servicing as grime and water won't develop on top. If you’re looking for an alternative solution to wooden bark, this is a great product because it’s ideal for all weather. The material is completely attached through the binder therefore you won’t lose any mulch particles.

This bonded rubber bark is specially designed with long-lasting durability and strength. Even in play surfaces which might be used frequently, the recycled rubber mulch flooring is resistant against damage and weathering. The soft spongy properties result in improved comfort and safety when running on the surfacing. It has been often constructed to be an impact absorbing floor system underneath recreational equipment. Also, it is great for a simple path specification for public spaces including recreational areas.

Outdoor Pathway Mulch nearby

Rubber bark is great for flexible and durable paths that get lots of heavy use. Various other facilities will choose to set up the shredded bark to make soft paths for users. This can often be found in public parks and on golf courses to provide a soft and comfortable walkway surface.

Frequent cleaning should be enough to keep the floor specification free of grime and litter. This can stop any dirt from getting stuck within the holes and producing contamination and flooding. It’s crucial to keep the surface as clear as it can be to ensure it’s still safe for those who are walking or playing on it.

With regular maintenance, you help to reduce the costs of any repairs which could end up being needed in the future.

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This specification of safety surfacing is the ideal choice for grassy play areas as it adds the impact absorbing qualities while still keeping a natural look. It can be fitted around existing equipment and furniture as it's flexible and can be moulded to suit different shapes.

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