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With 20 years of experience, Playground Flooring's professional team know the importance of carrying out regular playground maintenance in Clay Lake PE11 2 to keep the flooring in top condition.  We can complete this work and offer advice to help you look after your own facility to ensure the area is kept safe for those using it.

Feel free to contact us today if you have any questions about the costs for our services such as construction or if you need some information on how to carry cleaning out.

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Proactive Play Area Cleaning near me

The best way to take care of a rubber play surface is by regularly cleaning it to get rid of dirt and debris. This can be done using a stiff brush to sweep away leaves and litter. You could also use a pressure washer with warm water and soap to thoroughly clean the surfacing. It's important to do this as you'll want to prevent any contaminations from getting stuck within the pores of the flooring. If this happens it can make a play area flood as water isn't able to soak through into the ground below. You can then get moss and algae growing on the surface and the rubber could become slippery and start to break up, making it unsafe.

Read this page about rubber mulch it is full of useful information.

If you keep the flooring clean through proactive playground maintenance you can help to prevent these issues. The children's safety should always be a top priority when it comes to play area facilities, and looking after the surface will keep it safe. The best way to prevent these problems is by keeping the floor clean and making sure no contaminants get stuck within the pores. Over time if the surfacing becomes badly broken and unsafe, it might require costly repairs or even a resurface so this is something to bear in mind.

Professional Surface Maintenance Company in Clay Lake

The easiest way to clear off any kind of deep placed debris is by using a power washer assistance. The surfacing was created to be completely porous, and therefore fluids can move through the holes within the flooring to avoid any kind of water-logging. Servicing assists in maintaining these kinds of qualities under control, as dirt and also contaminants block the pores in the floor stopping water from having the ability to slide through. This might cause floods thus rendering the facility unable to be used due to the facility getting slippery which could result in accidents.

If your surface is beyond servicing, then you'll need it to be repaired.


Reactive Surface Repairs nearby

If play area flooring does sustain any damage, there are things that you could do to fix it.

We are able to supply a specialist wetpour rubber repair kit to fix cracks or breaks in EPDM surfacing. This will contain all the materials and instructions needed to repair a small section of damage. However if the problem area is larger, or the rubber material has started pulling away from the edgings, then our experts can fix this for you.

Our team will be able to complete a perimeter band repair using a different colour to fill in any gaps around the edge, creating a decorative new border.

If your thermoplastic markings have faded, this is a play area maintenance service which we can provide make sure you have a read of that page to learn about the designs.

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You can contact our team directly to get more information on all of the play area maintenance services we offer.

As experts in this industry, we have worked in many schools and nurseries to install and maintain outdoor play areas. Making sure that these areas are safe and clean is one of our top priorities. Be sure to fill in our contact box so we offer a quote for playground maintenance in Clay Lake PE11 2 at your facility.

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